My 2nd weird dream trouser on my hand ,Goddammit I’m straight.XD

Last evening i was scrolling through a link  about succubus summoning  and as i felt sleepy i went to take a nap but soon drowsed of. I really had an unimaginable dream , completely sexual , but this time it was totally weird . There was 2 dreams again but the former one was with a known girl and she was known to me back in my college days as my class mate . It was 99% like reality for me.

Now this dream is completely weird because of 2 reasons .One I am straight , two , it was almost like reality . I was sleeping with her having fun which I’m pretty sure i felt her by my side as we hugged but the latter part few minutes b4 i woke up some guy was teaching me how to maturate , Goddammit I’m straight! . wtf ?

In this dream i was somewhere i don’t remember but my parents was there in that house and i was in my room trying to bolt of the window and door for preventing my parents from knowing what stuffs are going to take place withing the room .XD. Then suddenly in the dreams it became morning and the doors was open while i was nude and my father was about to come to my room as i heard him calling me but then , “oops”, my pants was on my hand and me running outside the room hiding from my father . The situation was such that i couldn’t even wear my trousers out of frustration . When i tried to put my feet into the the trouser it was getting blocked out of frustration . I went about my room taking 2 whole rounds preventing my dad from seeing my horrible stage(nude) .XD .Then i woke up with shock while dreams incomplete with the trouser in my hand, while i was standing nude .bullsssssshi..t. :O

When my dad walked into my room from my room’s front door calling out , ‘son’?.., I soon ran out of my room from the back door calling him back , ‘Dad’! ?? . Actually he was searching for me , but i had to pretend like as though i was searching for him and i went about my whole room rounding and trying to wear my tracks out of frustration  desperately but in vain , coz i soon woke up in that shock of me being caught nude , something i don’t want to even imagine :O.But luckily that part was only a dream .:D

Now the problem is while sleeping I’m not able to think about the spirit entities as such . This is my 1st sexual dream , but unfortunately I’m not even able to remember about this whole topic “spirit entities” while dreaming …..I need to remember . but how ??:(



My first True Dream

I had 2 discrete weird dream last night . And y i mentioned this “weird” , you’ll understand when u read this further.

I was in ma father’s native place in india in this dream .I met a girl there with whom i spend hours together talking friendly (when i woke up in the morning i realized that she was stranger). Her appearance ………she was blond, beautiful (gorgeous) , Long Blond curly and silky slackened hair, extending until beneath her waist.. That’s all about her appearance i remember . We went to her house where she lived all alone and lonely . No family and she told me that she was lonely and she preferred to stay lonely and she hated the outside world . But i don’t have any clue y she was friendly. She was soo angelic in her thoughts and speech and appearance . To some point i felt she was caring for me me, cuz she handed over a knife to me to protect ma self in the latter part of ma dreams . ( keep reading you’ll understand y i mentioned that i felt like she was caring for me)

She took me to her house’s backyard . And her house was lonely in an isolated area lots of trees and shrubs and there was a pond that she  loved the most . She told me she loved her pond and she took me to that pond at the backyard . She started to describe about the pond and how  much she liked that pond. I felt like she was soo madly in love with  that pond , like how a mother would have care for her children . Adjacent to that pond was a lake . The place in and around her house   seemed to be very very very lonely with no inhabitant nearby and  I felt weird . But what actually swept me off from feeling weird was  her gentle lovely speech , and yes she was talking to me like she was  soo fond of me . She wore a long white skirt ( forgot to mention this  earlier )..

Then suddenly i noticed that the water level of her pond went down, at  the drop of a hat , while the water level of the adjacent lake rose up.  I thought there’s  gonna be a flood. BTW as soon as the water level of  the pond went down ,i soon realized that she felt terrible to see her pond deteriorating and she was just concerned about that pond.. I can  understand how madly was she in love with her pond and by her attachment  towards that pond , i felt strange actually .XD

Now again all of the sudden the level of the water in the pond rose up. Then the lake started to overflow  and this really got me scared. I realized that the atmosphere was slowly changing and bringing in the  rain- baring cloud accompanied by strong winds  while she further sunk into sadness with anguish in her tone then i realized that tears too ran down her cheeks like just because for that sinking pond. I felt sad for her and the situation was such that that it beckoned me to flee off from my father’s native owing to a storm or flood or i’m not exactly sure y this is happening . When i asked her to come along with me  o save her she said ” no , I’m gonna die with my pond “. I told her that i cannot permit her to do that and i immediately grabbed her hands and dragged her with all ma strength and off into ma car that was parked outside. At that point of time I din’t knw what to do and nonetheless i wanted to just save her and so i had to act tough . We got of into the car and fled that town to ma home town painstakingly .

I don’t remember the troubles that i took to save her life to get her out of that deteriorating  place , and i don’t remember how i managed to pacify her broken heart nor do i remember  any of those conversations with her while we were fleeing home . …none !

All that i remember was that we were leaving my house the next day in ma home town and when we were about to cross the main which is exactly 40 meters from ma house  i came across a chilling incident .We were 3 members in the car . Me , she sitting next to me and ma driver driving the car .It was 6 am in the morning . I saw 3 ppl who’s appearance ( MISTY , PALE , MILKY WHITE  in colour) wrecked my nerves havoc . One of them was acting insane cuz he was talking to himself and while blocking our car from the front , while the other 2 ppl was proceeding and heading towards the back side of ma car ( the side on which i was seated) . Those 2 was staring at me right onto ma eyes with sharp , cruel , and scary vision which was almost red in colour. I tried ma best to let to pretend that I’m bold and brave . I pretended to be brave just thinking they might hurt me if i’m scared . The way  they headed towards ma side  was as if they were gonna drag me outside and suck ma life . They looked like a typical  Zombie. 

I din’t wanna remove ma sight off from theirs . Our eyes was intact . I just wanted to pretend to them that i was strong and brave and that i was least bothered and was not disturbed by their appearance . But actually i was cussing ma driver by whispers to pull the trigger and speed away the car from that area out of fear, but instead he too was staring at them like asthough  he was hypnotized  . It was a terrible moment . 

Ma girl immediately handed over a knife to me . It was like a dagger. I wonder from where in hell had she brought that knife . From no where she gave me a knife . At that instance i din’t ask her about that knife . But i took that knife and waved it to those ppl just to let them knw that i was armed . When i woke up from ma dreams i realized that i shouldn’t have waved that knife to them , instead i should have  showed some respect i felt .  But ma lady ? she was actually protecting me when she handed over that dagger . I realized that she never felt perturbed by their appearance .

I woke up with a shock . Then soon i realized everything was just a dream . But again i remembered about the topic ( spirit love ) that i discussed earlier last night then i  understood that this whole dream has some meaning  with a reason. The main character to whom i give ma due importance and respect in this dream is to that lady who actually saved me .. I duno who that gal is . She was actually caring me in one ways and protecting me inanother way. 

What do you think ??? Could this be any connectivity ?? All i did was , i hugged ma pillow while i slept , thinking about ma spirit love … that’s all . But this dream with an unknown girl is the 1st time in  ma whole life . She cannot be from my nation . She was a blond girl ..she cared for me ……. I guess this dream has some meaning to ma life . I wish to meet her again 😛 

btw cld this be any sign of a connectivity ??